Dear Birthmother...

Dear Birthmother,

How do I begin a letter to you? I cannot imagine the thoughts that are crossing your mind or what questions you might have for the family you are considering to raise your sweet little baby. I can understand the love of a mother for her infant and the hope to give them the very best life you are able to give them. As you read through our blog I hope to share at least a piece of who our family is and hope for you to find peace and direction in whichever choice you make for you and your baby. Please know our prayers are with you, and pray that you will have the support you need over these next few months as you are considering which path to take.

Chris and I were married a little over 11 years ago. From the beginning we knew we wanted a big family - although we never really defined exactly what that would be. Just after our second anniversary we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and loved every moment of diaper changing, nursing, burping and watching her become her own little person. We loved laying out on the floor and napping chest to chest with her. When Emily was just 6 months old we were surprised to find out we were expecting - although it was a little unplanned, we were quickly excited about how close the babies would be and how much fun they would have growing up together. By our third doctor’s appointment we found that the baby would not make it past the first trimester and we experienced our first loss.

Over the next 8 years we experienced both the joy of more daughters, and the heartbreak of losing 4 more babies within the first or second trimester of pregnancy.

Each precious daughter that we have is a miracle and we are so lucky to have each of them to experience the unique personality and feeling they bring to our home.

While we are so grateful to have been blessed with such a beautiful family, the desire to bring more children into our lives has not diminished. We all long to have a baby again in our home to love and watch as they grow and become another dynamic of our family.

We anxiously await the arrival of our next little miracle and the opportunity to shower them with love as they blend into our family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about our family (there are links at the top of the page for each individual) and why we have chosen to grow our family through adoption. If our family feels right to you, please contact us at the following information.

Best wishes,
Chris & Lorraine

All paperwork will be processed through:
Nevada LDS Family Services Office
4455 Allen Ln Ste 3 North Las Vegas, NV 89031-2229 United States
PH: +1 702-385-1072
FAX: +1 702-385-3053
You will NOT be able to find our profile on "It's about love .org" because we already have 3 children and are responsible for finding our own "match".  However you are free to email us and we will have the local representative contact you - or you are welcome to contact her directly at the above information.

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  1. I am the 'expectant grandmother'. I have seen this family go through their joys of having their children come to this family, and the sorrow of losing the ones that didn't make it. We are very pleased that Lorraine and Chris have decided to move forward in the direction of adoption. They are such loving and devoted parents. My brother had expressed a desire for Chris and Lorraine to be the guardian of their child if something were to happen to him. And as far the grandparents are concerned...we will open our arms and hearts to any children that come into our family, however they come. We ourselves, have what we lovingly call "a plywood family." Some have come from adoption, some from being a surviver to a parent that passed away, some from divorce. But like the plywood, we are all stronger together, than the original wood.
    Sincerely, Grandma Joan