About Lorraine

About Lorraine, from Chris:

So what can I say about Lorraine?  She's an amazingly caring mother and wife.  She spends much of her day helping to teach our girls how to get themselves ready for the day, how to be kind to eachother and kids at school, and helping them with homework.  Of course she has lots of fun with them... loves to tickle them (but for some reason she doesn't really like being tickled back), singing songs that the kids like with them, and just helping teach them life-lessons and about God.  She is a spiritual-minded person, very aware of the love that God has for all of us, and especially for little children.  She helps to teach the kids important values instilled from her spiritual beliefs including honesty, kindness, respecting eachother's freedom to choose and many other important lessons.  We are very careful to always consult with eachother to make sure we are teaching as a team.

With Lorraine as their mother, our girls have learned to be responsible.  Of course they are not perfect, but they are getting a great foundation for life of learning to take care of your own things, helping other people, and that decisions have consequences... Lorraine does a great job of giving them practical consequences for things the kids do; good or bad... having a nice & helpful attitude = getting to play with friends more, because that good attitude will make them a better friend.  It's taken us a few years to figure out a lot of this, but our kids really have picked up on doing things not just for rewards, but for the good feelings / love for eachother and for mom & dad, that's the best.

I think most of all she just loves kids.  She's told me a number of times that whenever she holds other friend's babies she can almost picture herself as their mother.  She just has the desire to give children lots of love, snuggles and time to talk, time to read, time to laugh.  It's because of these attributes that I know she will be an excellent mother to another special child needing a safe home.  Each of our children are truly gifts from heaven, and we look forward to the chance of bringing another 'gift' into our home.

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