About Elizabeth

For the longest time, Lizzy was the "baby" of the family - and we called her baby.  She called herself "baba" and so we all still call her baba as her nickname.  About 3 years ago, she decided that she would marry Santa Clause - then he would give her presents all the time.  Emily then renamed Liz "Baba Clause" and it kind of stuck.

After 2 years of truly believing she would marry Santa and a trip to the mall at Christmastime to take a picture, she discovered Santa was already married....  Tears and sobs came from the back seat for nearly 15 minutes as she processed this new heartbreak.  Suddenly her saddness stopped - mid sob - and she was smiling.  "Well I could marry the BABY Santa Clause!!"

That is just like Elizabeth - she can find something to be happy about in pretty much any situation - she loves to point out the bright side to her sisters and can always find the silver lining.  She is such a little squeeze - you can't help but want to hug her tight anytime she's around. She is soft and tender with a little streak of silly in her - and can do a great impression of the funny scenes from all her favorite movies. She leaves love notes under her sister’s pillows while they are away in the daytime for school to make sure they know she missed them and is anxious to plan a "secret surprise" treat for her sisters to come home to.

Her big sisters love having her in our home and she is always quick to show her appreciation at their efforts to keep her laughing. Emily and Liz like to play "school" together - Lizzy enjoys Em's smarts and her patience to explain rhyming words and sounds and of course being the teacher’s pet - since the teacher is her big sister. The game usually ends in a good tickle fight as Lizzy informs Emily of all her tickle spots throughout the game.

Everyday Lizzy waits for Debra to finish her homework so she can get her to herself for a bit to make believe and play dress-up. Once Debbie has created the setting, Liz chimes in with all the different voices for the characters they are playing. She loves to try and get Deb to laugh even harder than Deb has gotten her to laugh. Anytime someone is hurt, Liz is quick to give hugs and tell a funny story or make a silly face to make sure her sister is restored to smiles quickly.

Lizzy is a little bundle of love and what a cheerleader she is for her big sisters.

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