Thursday, January 31, 2013

About Us

Welcome to Chris and Lorraine's adoption blog! Here's a little peek into our lives and what life for your baby might be like in our home.

Our home is a place of laughs and good times focused on our growing family and helping each of them learn who they are and what they are capable of.

We love hearing each of our children laugh and love watching their faces light up right before it splits into a grin when we tell them a silly joke or make a play on words. Lorraine loves to tickle and wrestle with the girls to get the ultimate squeals out of them while Chris sets the stage with comedy and waits for someone to realize humor in the moment. Each time that they laugh is priceless as well as each hug and snuggle.

Growing up Chris had a special love for music and Lorraine was a bookworm. Our home now is a blend of the two, there is always someone plinking around on the piano while another is lounging on the couch reading a good book. As a family we enjoy karaoke nights singing sappy songs at the top of our lungs or piling onto one bed with a stack of books and taking turns reading to each other.

On weekends - or any other nice weather afternoon that we can afford to sneak it in - we enjoy family bike rides, playing tennis, swimming, soccer and escapes to hike and picnic in the mountains.

Holidays are another special time in our home - we love the magic that comes with youth and the history of each day.  Birthdays are always honored with a breakfast in bed while Mommy tells the love story of how that daughter joined our family - how we all held her for the first time and some of our favorite baby memories of them.  The seemingly "small" holidays are always celebrated - even if just for the day - we just can't pass up an opportunity to dye the scrambled eggs green on St. Patricks Day, or shape the pancakes like hearts on Valentines.    Our favorite is Christmas when we celebrate for a full month the birth of our Savior with fun family activities, special dinners with food from Jerusalem, magical elves, leaving treats for Santa (and his reindeer) and of course music.  On special years with Daddy's family, Grandpa will pull out his accordian while the kids dance to his scottish tunes.

Our family is so important to us and we love having our best friends living right in the same house together. No matter where life takes us, we will always have each other and a friend to talk to, play with and of course, be silly with.

We love that our girls each have their own interests, but are still interested in each other. You can bet that Debbie and Lizzy with be cheering the loudest while Emily chases down a goal in soccer, that Emily and Liz will be beaming when Debbie makes it onto the swim team, and Emily and Debbie will be on the front row clapping like crazy when Lizzy performs in her first ballet. We are a team and are so excited to continue adding members to our family through adoption.

Adoption details - A letter to our birthmother.