About Chris

About Chris from Lorraine:

Chris loves to spoil his girls. Once upon a time, I was the only girl in his life and he made every effort to care for me then, just as he has continued for the last 11 years. In our first tiny apartment in the freezing cold winters, I would arrive home from work at midnight to sheets that were toasty warm. Surprised, I would look over to see a smile twitching at the corner of Chris' mouth and find the blow dryer stashed to the side of the bed. During sicknesses in pregnancy, he would pamper both me and the baby by building little steam contraptions - helping me avoid a cold medicine that might harm his little girl, and keeping me breathing and be as comfortable as you can be when you are pregnant and sick. If any of his girls mentions how something in our home is a bit less than convenient, he will jimmy-rig a resolution.

He is such a fun dad - I love watching him have his special moments with each of his girls and finding time to talk to them about how the day went. Although he is busy in medical school, he still finds time to spend one on one with each of them - sometimes he'll wake someone up early to ride their bike alongside him as he takes his morning jog. If he has to make a quick run to Home Depot, one little girl is always invited along --- and it seems like there is often a detour to stop for ice cream on the way home...

The more time I have spent with Chris over the past years of marriage and dating and friendship, I have found more and more to love about him. He is confident, smart and such a hard worker. He has always made sure that we are taken care of - taking on summer jobs and tutoring other medical students through school to make sure our kids can have the opportunities to find their own loves in life - now - and not putting it off until it is more convenient. I love that family always comes first - he prefers the more personal aspects of medicine that will allow him time to spend with our family, coaching little league soccer and stopping for slurpies at the 7-11 on the way home from a game.

When we were engaged, Chris told me on our wedding video that nothing was more important to him than to know that I was in love. It took me a few years to really understand what he was saying. I am a romantic, and always wanted to be with someone I could truly be deeply, madly in love with - Chris understood that about me better than I did myself, and he wanted to give me that. He takes the same approach with each of our children - nothing makes him happier than to get a genuine smile out of them, for them to know they are loved and safe when he is around, and ultimately that while he is a father first, he is also their friend. I couldn't ask for a better dad for my kids.

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